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Miracle Placenta Care -At Your Service!

I am finally licensed as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Yay! My lovely husband worked extra hard on creating my website, and now it's up and running! Have a look!
The first time I heard of "placenta encapsulation", I thought to myself "how weird!! Women do that?? -Gross!!" But then, about a year after my initial judgement, I began to do some research on it as I was expecting our number 4. What exactly was 'placenta encapsulation'?
One benefit of placentaphagy that intrigued me, was the effect on breast milk supply. Nursing was a tender subject and dear to my heart since I felt I had failed in with my babies #2 and #3. Would my placenta help me produce more milk, so that I could exclusively breastfeed? This was the number one reason I went ahead and decided to encapsulate my next placenta, but little did I know that it had so much more to offer me!

As a mother of 4, including a newborn, I was tired. The supplementation was incredible, this MIRACLE placenta, made by ME, was perfect for ME. I must admit, at first I was hesitant about taking the capsules. But after I gobbled them down and experiencing a rapid relief and increased milk supply, I never looked back! I can only compare my experiences to my previous times postpartum , and thankfully I have 3 prior ones! I had just had a baby, and three other kids under 8 (that I also homeschool) to look after and, I felt great! I was healing from my birth, and looking forward to the future instead of sitting around, moody and exhausted. My milk came in gushing. This too is odd for me, since it usually takes about a week or two to get going. 

When baby was about 4 months old, we had another major change in our lives. We moved house. We moved house under a very stressful scenario, that affected me incredibly hard. I was broken, stressed out, sleep deprived and falling into depression. My milk took a dip and I was feeling overwhelmed with everything that was going on around me. Fortunately I had some capsules left over for a "rainy day", and surely this now felt like a "rainy week"! I noticed a instant stability in my mood, my approach to my "problems", I felt more at peace and once again, my milk came gushing in like it had right after birth! The placenta, made by me, covered for me with what I couldn't naturally produce with the stress I was under. It surely is a miracle placenta with incredible healing powers.

Because of my experience, I feel that every expecting mother and every woman should know the benefits of placenta encapsulation and that no, it is NOT gross, -it is AMAZING!

Encapsulate your MIRACLE placenta!


P.S Here is an interesting blog post on Is Eating Placenta Cannibalism? And, what about God? 

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Vancouver Placenta Encapsulation

Vancouver Placenta Encapsulation

During my last pregnancy, I decided to encapsulate my baby's placenta, read about it HERE. A few years back, I met a woman who was a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, something I have never heard of before -was quite shocked to be honest, yet I kept her business card! I'm glad I did.

Why did I decide to have my placenta encapsulated?

After plenty of research and browsing through testimonies, I have learned that 

  • after mothers give birth, their hormones and blood supply (iron among much more) take a dip. The placenta, used with traditional Chinese medicine, replenish this storage's and stabilizes the hormones.
  • it helps with lactation.
  • known for being an anti-baby blues capsule, a.k.a "Happy Pill!"
  • it's made by us, perfect for us. -Custom made!
  • it helps the uterus to return to it's normal size faster.
  • etc

How does it work?

I contacted Eva Li, VancouverPlacenta and gave her my due date, to which she was able to decide whether she was able to sell her services to me. Thankfully she was!

After giving birth, the midwives took the placenta and placed it in a cooler (provided by us) on ice, and kept it in the placenta fridge for either pick up, or you drop it off to Eva Li. Prices vary depending on what "service package" you purchase. In about 1-2 days you pick it up or she drops it off, depending on what you choose to do.

My husband dropped and picked up my placenta from Eva Li, and what did I see and experience from this all?

I saw.. a beautiful packaging, indeed. It had my capsules in jars with the dosage instructions. I had a keepsake token, which was a pleasant surprise- a heart made from my baby's umbilical cord. I really felt the love put to into the presentation and I had no doubt about the quality of the product. 

I must admit I was at first hesitant about taking the capsules, but after I gobbled them down and experiencing almost an instant relief and milk supply, I never looked back! I can only compare my experience to my previous postpartum experiences, and thankfully I have 3 prior experiences.

I just had a baby, and three other kids under 8 to look after and, I felt great! I was healing from my birth, which was a good one, and looking forward to the future instead of lulling around, moody and exhausted. My milk came in gushing. This too is odd for me, since usually it takes a week or two to get started. 

I am a very happy customer.

(Placenta Art)

Thinking about encapsulating your placenta? Contact Eva Li , click HERE

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What Next?

So,  what next?

If and when,  I am pregnant again,  I will not be blogging here. If I do,  it will be very rare.

However, I have embarked on another weight loss once again. To some of you who do not know me or my history, I usually gain about 50 to 75lb during each pregnancy (yeah I know, with my good diet and all!) and I have quite a challenge to take it off. Which,  I do manage to do. Slowly.

I blogged about my post pregnancy weight losses #2 and #3 and I will blog about this weight loss- #4, too!

I will blog about my journey, thoughts, exercise, diet and all,  with updated photos of myself of course!

Stay tuned by visiting my other blog 

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The Birth!

This is our birth story. I may have forgotten some things, or got some minor details wrong, but this is how we experienced the birth of our baby. My (Cathy's) text is in green, my Doula's text is in purple and my husband's text is in orange. I know that everyone in that room, including the midwife, doula, nurse and photographer would have more to add from their point of view.

Week 41+4
Gone into the birthing unit for an induction twice,  been sent home twice for the lack of "man power" at the birthing unit. The unit is on diversion. That's fine with me,  I don't want to be induced, God knows. But I'm still a bit confused... they must not be too worried about me being "over due".

My prayer has been,  if God allows it,  I'll be induced, if He doesn't, then I won't. Otherwise it won't happen, and I've spilled my heart to Him. He is the captain of my ship, it's up to him. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm "doomed if I do and doomed if I don't" with all the info out there. This is a hard decision for me, so I give it up to Him. We'll let God decide. We'll just "go with the flow" and he can steer this ship as He wishes.

Second night in for scheduled induction. I'm being monitored, the baby is being monitored. Sheet shows a few contractions but they do not phase me, I've had them for weeks. Simon and I pray that these contractions would turn into the real thing,  but in my heart,  I have no hope since I've had so much false labour. Again there is no room, I'm confused... I had peace with this. GOD knows, he is in control. Okay off to home we go,  at night,  again. I am 41+5 now.

As we're walking out of the hospital, they catch us and tell us that there is room after all.  I'm really confused now... I had peace to be induced and relief to not be induced and now again, confusion to be induced. This is getting tiring. 

At this point, I was wondering, how they would manage to fit a birth in? It's not like taking a number for the doctor at a walk in clinic. My feelings were a little shaken, as in some way, I was hoping to go home to allow Cathy more time to go into natural labour. However, I gained some peace at the comment from the Community Birth Program midwife "no matter what, you will have a new baby tonight!"

As we wait for the house keeping to prep our birthing rooms, we pray. ..."Lord show your power, You know our heart, show us you have the final say in all of this. Start Cathy's labour naturally"... 

I remember in the waiting area praying a lot! There was a lot going on around us, and it was hard not to listen in to everything outside our own curtain. All the time we prayed and hoped that the contractions that Cathy was having would be 'real'.

The moment we walk into the room (12p.m), my contractions start. The oxytocin drip is there waiting for me but I want to wait and see where these contractions take me. I ask the nurse to hold off the drip and to speak to the midwife. The midwife comes in and after I tell her what's going on, she doubts my contractions will pick up or turn into the real deal..  I'm not so sure. Why so oxytocin "trigger happy"??  Why don't they want to see if I can proceed without it? 

It was such a strange feeling to see, as Cathy was hooked up to the monitor in the room, that there were indeed regular contractions coming. I'm a big monitor and analysis kind of guy, so I enjoyed doing the stats of how often and how strong etc.

I got the text from Cathy that she was going in for monitoring and then being sent home again. A few hours later I got another text saying that she was being induced.  I waited a bit and then went in to join them.  I arrived and Cathy was in the room being monitored. They had already started an IV but since she was contracting they decided to hold off on the oxi until later.  

This was an exciting birth for me, my first "repeat" client. I was very much anticipating being Cathy and Simon's Doula again for the birth of their fourth child.  After chatting for a bit with the nurse and midwife we decided to go for a walk to get things moving.  I encouraged Cathy to do lunges and deep squats to get the contractions moving and more intense. She did try a few but decided that walking was what she was able to do.  Simon was timing the contractions and all the while asking Cathy what each contractions intensity was to add it to the contraction ap on his phone. 

I insist to wait. They can't force me. My contractions keep picking up, and I have 3 to 5 in 10 minutes. I get up on to my feet and walk the halls with hubby and doula,  making jokes,  doubting my contractions, being a doubting Thomas and praying. Why do I doubt. I Always doubt. 

It seems that 'walking the halls' has become a normal part of our birth story. It was a good time to see the contractions develop. Again, I had my app out and timing everything. Cathy was still very unsure whether the contractions were real, and she didn't seem to feel much of a change in each contraction. However, it was very clear to me and the Doula that over the time we spent in the halls, Cathy was less talkative and more concentrated with each subsequent contraction. These were certainly the real ones!

My doula has written out prayer cards, the prayers are beautiful. Dwelling on scripture,  focusing on Him. During each contraction, we praise His name and bless the birth and baby. We pray for strength, stronger contractions, a quick delivery, perseverance etc.

Back into the room and time for a check. Wonder how much work the contractions have done? The answer, 3cm. So there has been some good movement, but there is still a long way to go. We decided to stay in the room, as the contractions were now getting stronger.

After a few hours of labouring, I need a break. I sit down and contractions begin to slow down... Gotta keep on my feet..  So tiring...  I wish I could labour sleeping,  I'm so sleepy. Everytime I stand up,  I feel nauseous. I vomit a lot,  sit down, get back up,  vomit,  sit,  stand,  vomit...  Goes on a and on. My friend who takes photographs steps in at times, massaging my back,  feels perfect. Her touch is magical. 

We did walk for quite a while and then decided to take a break and went back to the room.  Cathy mentioned at different times her last birth. She was saying how this birth is so much different than Lucy's birth. Cathy began to sit on the rocking chair, giving her legs a break.  The midwife approached Cathy as management of her birth and offered her oxi.  Cathy said no, but in the midwifes perspective she has to do active management of the case.  She has to be aware of what is happening with the mom, as well as the baby.  The baby's heart beat was in completely normal range so when Cathy refused the oxi the midwife went with her wishes. 

One of the most awkward parts of any birth! The time as 'father to be' where you feel a bit like a spare part. She's up, she's down, she's standing, she's laying. She needs holding, she needs a drink. All whilst going through some solid amount of pain. Really, what I should be saying is "sorry". For a while I'd been wondering if we were going to avoid the vomiting this time round... nope! and when it arrived it arrived with a vengeance.
I chew ice,  I have a fan on my face,  an ice pack on my chest. I wish I could swim in ice... My doula and husband prays for me and this baby and squeezes my hips during my contractions as I hang in Simon's arms. He LITERALLY carries my weight. I'm relaxed. He is strong.

I'm feeling sleepy,  the contractions just keep on going,  I'm riding them out. The staff doesn't know every time I have a contraction,  because I'm relaxing the best I can, and I am not announcing them every time. They assume I'm not
having many. Frustrating. 

Only 4cm! And Cathy seems like she is getting tired. It feels like we've been counting contractions for hours. It's surprising how fast time goes when it's the early hours of the morning. They don't seem to think that she is having enough contractions to do anything, but my counting says she is. They decide to put her on a drip so she can get some saline solution, as she is tired after many hours of contractions and vomiting. Back on the monitors, as they think they might start Oxy soon. Cathy works hard to detach from the pain, but needs to be on the bed now.

 Cathy continued to labour, she was silent for most of her contractions well all except the few before the baby was born.  She was in her "zone" which is great. As a Doula we just "hold the space" for clients like Cathy.  Allow them to find their grove and follow their bodies instincts.  Simon moved aobut the labour room, getting some rest on a couch nearby and being with Cathy also.

Every two hours they want to put me on oxytocin, I decline,  I don't understand, can't they see I'm having contractions and it hasn't even been a long labour.  They're telling me that I'm becoming too tired,  and I'm not dilating fast enough... (Been "stuck at 4-5cm for a few hours.) that I need it. Of course I'm tired,  I'm labouring in the middle of the night. Looking back,  all my births were" stuck" at 3to 5cm for a while become dilating 10cm with in a few minutes soon after. And I do know that I got into that "sleepy mode" before they injected me with Gravol :)

The midwife suggests that they break my water, it can speed up labour, I accepted.  I wish I hadn't approved in hind sight but oh well, - First there was a little trickle until I sat on a rocking chair,  then suddenly a gush. It caught me by surprise and I wonder why? 

The midwife trying to manage the situation then offered Cathy to break her water.  Sometimes what happens is the bag of waters acts as a balloon. It cushions the babies head and doesn't apply complete pressure on the cervix.  The midwife was hoping that the waters being released would provide the final push to get this baby out.

I can't speak much,  just going with the flow, entering a sort of state,  where I'm falling a sleep but still contracting... Which they think aren't good enough. Nurse gives me gravol , kicks in instantly, I stop vomiting but my contractions go on super mode. 

During the labour Cathy started vomitting and couldn't seem to catch a break.  I asked the midwife if it would be ok to give Cathy some gravol in hopes of providing some relief.  The nurse drew some up and it did just what it was suppose to, Cathy stopped vomitting.

My contractions are seriously becoming more intense at this moment, I'm unbecoming quite vocal (I have been quiet until now) during them,  it's becoming really really intense, as they prep the oxytocin  again for me.. I think I was squeezing my doulas and husbands hand in turns, I really had a hard time opening my eyes... I couldn't see. I felt like I was fighting the staff off at the same time I was riding the contractions. Yes I was tired.

Once again Cathy was asked if she would be ok if the oxi was started.  She was extremely exhausted by this point from my perspective.  Repeatedly saying why is this taking so long? I don't remember Lucy taking this long.  I approached Cathy and asked her if she would be alright with the oxi, without guaranteeing 100% I was pretty confident that the baby would be here quickly should she have been given the oxi.

I wish my husband would've been beside me more,  but the room was so crowded and he was asked to step aside several times. I missed him, I needed him. He didn't want to interfere with anything,  I feel bad for him. 

So, the green light was given for Oxy, and I see them setting everything up. I try to spend some time with Cathy. I'm super tired, but how can I really complain. However, I was rather oblivious to what was going on around me. I thought they had administered the Oxy. Cathy needed to turn, and suddenly her contractions come on like crazy. I said 'that worked fast', as she starts saying that the baby is coming. The people around me say 'what worked fast?'. They hadn't even given the Oxy, as there wasn't the time. Well, the last bit has gone like a rocket... again! 

I turn sides and I feel immense pressure, the baby is coming out..  I'm really moaning at this moment, the staff rushes in. Is the baby coming?! They ask..

.. Yyyeeaaah!! The turn me onto my back,  sitting up,  and all I can feel is immense pressure and pain, and I can't stay very calm at this point anymore!! Ha ha! All I'm thinking right now, is this baby needs to come out asap!

Cathy was then resting on the bed and it seemed as if the contractions came on very strong.  Her once silent coping was quickly taken over by a very vocal Cathy.  She yelled very loudly, so loudly that the midwife came rushing from the nurses station. (Another Doula noticed the midwife and also heard Cathy yelling and told me this at a later date.)  Things happen very rapidly at that point.  

"Ok, Simon. Let's put your gloves on" comes the words from the Midwife. I gladly start, but then she say's "if there's time". The baby was on exit, route 1! Well, I got in position, and then thought, now what? It was like the midwifes were saying, "go on then, deliver it". People might say I looked like a dear in the headlights, but its not like I deliver a baby every other week. I did what I could, which wasn't much incidentally, but I manged to hold the head and then semi lift the baby up to Cathy. And of course, on lifting one leg, was able to announce that we indeed had another girl!

The midwife came in and immediately grabbed a pair of gloves.  Cathy had both of her hands behind her gripping the back of the bed with all her strength. The plan with this birth was for Simon to deliver the baby as the previous births he had missed because he was up by the side of Cathy and she had put him in a headlock as the baby delivered.  So this time he was at the action spot awaiting the delivery of their newest arrival.  

As the baby decended Cathy continued to call out. With Lucy's birth she was born without the aid of Cathy pushing. She slid out as the body naturally pushed her out with each contraction.   This baby needed some help from Cathy. She had to use the force of the contraction as well as her own might to get this baby out.  

Simon also got to help deliver the baby.  I love being able to see Dad's do that, it's not everyday you get to deliver your own child.  
The baby was put on Cathy's chest and we asked Simon what they had, he announced a girl, Cathy we have another girl.  

Third girl in a row! Amazing! Praise God, she was finally here!!! 

May we announce, Baby Faye Elisabeth Ruth Born November 12th weighing 10lb 13oz and 56.5cm tall!

My Birth Plan looked something like this (not in order)
[ ] I would like the height and weight of the baby measured
[ ] Baby's eye gel ok
[ ] Shot on my thigh ok
[ ] Vitamin k shot is ok
[ ] Keep placenta in a cooler/fridge for picking up - I'm having it encapsulated
[ ] Wait until cord stops pulsing before clamping /cutting
[ ] No pulling on the umbilical cord unless heavy bleeding
[ ] No separation for the first hour unless ABSOLUTELY necessary
[ ] Instant skin to skin contact
[ ] I want my husband to deliver the baby and lift him/her onto my chest
[ ] No rupturing of the membranes
[ ] Respect our faith: songs,  prayer and Bible reading
[ ] No pain medications
[ ] Joc Widjaya as my doula
[ ] Plenty of ice,  fan,  cool cloths

Looking for a doula in the Vancouver area? I highly recommend Joc Widjaya at MotherNurtureDoula

So that was our birth story. We may have missed some details, since we're living in a "fog" as we speak... a bit sleep deprived, you know. Baby brain, you know? But there you have it. How blessed are we!!!

40 to 41+5 Weeks

Unbelievable! I've gone over 40 weeks... I can't believe it... Very surprising... anyway..

I'm in a lot of pain. I feel like a walrus, and I look like one when trying to get out of bed. I need to pee every 10 minutes, but that's nothing compared to the pressure I feel down there. Getting up and sitting down hurts. My belly has indeed dropped and I can breathe more easily, that also means I can eat more too. *chuckle*

Speaking about Eat-Mores, my mom has arrived! She is visiting me (us) for 2 weeks and this is great news to me as she'll be here for when the baby arrives. Yay! I've already asked her if she wants to be there for the birth. We'll just have to wait and see what she chooses. To me, it's fine either way, but I think it would be a great experience:)

My mom being here, has given my husband and I the time to do evening strolls. We have made them into prayer walks and it's been a great way to bond and reflect on stuff together. Sweet things we do not take for granted. It's been really nice having my mom here. The kids love her and she has been a lot of help.

I've had a stretch and sweep done, it felt awful. This has to mean that the last time I was pregnant and had a sweep done, it wasn't done properly...I was like whoooah!!! this time around, sheesh!!! Owweee! I'll have another sweep done next week. And a scan. And fetal monitoring. The community birth program have already scheduled me in for an induction... silly people... 

41 Weeks....

...had another stretch and sweep done, with fetal monitoring and checking to see how much amniotic fluid the baby has. I still don't know whether we'll be blessed with a girl or a boy. Everyone thinks it's a boy... I have a strong boy feeling too at times, but I have not admitted that to anyone. I think, it then must be a girl, so...we'll see...

40+4... Any minute now?? (So I thought...)

...Oh I'm really over due now..., I'm becoming pretty anxious. Actually, I'm more sad than anything. I've been "labouring" for a week and some now, especially at nights and then the contractions just sizzle out. I wake up in the morning and my heart drops, my mom is leaving soon. I feel so sad. I really don't want her to miss out on the birth or seeing this little one.

We've tried everything to kick start this labour. Well, almost everything. Part of me feels so silly doing all these silly things, because ultimately, the date and exact second is known to God when this child is to be born.. I'm just becoming really impatient. And sad. And mad, at God. Silly me. I feel guilty.

41+3 Induction day... and the day my mom returned to Finland.

After saying our goodbyes, I bawled my eyes out for a good hour. I cannot remember the last time I cried so heavily. It is never easy to say bye, and especially since she won't even get to meet the baby, never mind be there for the delivery. Why oh why?! I'm going through every emotion there is. From peace and serenity to anger (at God and "blaming my luck"), and back.  I cry out to God, spill my guts, He knows how I feel. My mother is gone and I am being induced. The two things I really really didn't want to go through. He must know that right!!?? Won't He intervene? Why didn't He intervene with my mother's case? All I can do is trust that regardless of my disappointment, I trust in Him and I must believe that God is good and everything will work for the good for those who love Him. Romans 8:28

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36-39 Weeks

Oh no kidding, I have been in super nesting mode, sorry! My blogging took a back seat, it just had to. So much going on, I couldn't keep up as well as I thought I could.

Whats been going on??? 36-37 WEEKS

Here are some of my messages to my family and friends. Please don't get offended...

..."Please pray...  I feel intimidated and fear,  which I know is not right. I had an appointment today with my birth clinic and the amount of times I heard the words "possible stillbirth" because of my gestational diabetes, has impacted me. I want to enjoy this Pregnancy, the last weeks of it,  but at this moment I feel like my joy is being robbed and it's hard to hold on to it...  :( the birth in near and I'm tired. I want my joy back. I can't seem to enjoy my pregnancies in Canada... It's very messed up."...

Is the baby still breech?

During one Diabetic clinic appointment, I got a call from another hospital to book in an ECV and that I needed to get a scan done before that. They didn't give me much time. The ECV was booked in two days and there was no way i could get a scan done before that. I was very overwhelmed with having to manage it all, with three kids, no babysitting support, short notice, and as well as everything else, it overlapped with my midwife appointment which I'd been really looking forward to. Not only that, my appointment at the diabetics clinic ended up in tears. I had the rudest Dr. and I felt like my whole pregnancy is a failure.

Somehow, I managed to get a time in that very next minute for the scan, which is very unusual. A minute before I went to book one in, someone cancelled theirs. My daughter was with me as we hurried to the floor below for the scan, which would show us the positioning of the baby. My heart was aching, my tears were flooding, I was so emotionally tired of the whole thing.

As we got to the scan, my daughter who is 5 prayed for me. She prayed over the baby and the positioning of the baby. I thought that was so sweet of her. I love her.

In the scan, the result was that in fact, the baby was head down!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!

 ..."Well, a very interesting scenario all in all this morning. Perfectly orchestrated, to fit in a scan asap, which was a cancellation spot a minute before I stepped in to a different department, ask a simple question about a booking ,  while I was in the building for a completely different reason...  I know confusing! While waiting for the scan,  Kayleigh and all of you prayed for me  and, the scan showed that baby had in fact shifted head down. All glory to God.

Yep. They called me this morning to book an appointment for the ecv (external cephalic version) which is an aggressive procedure, can cause a lot of harm,  ruptures,  bruising, emergency c sections)  and I just wasn't feeling comfortable to go with it. As I got treated rotten by my diabetes Dr. And Who told me my baby is measuring bigger than the scan showed,  I felt very intimidated. Somehow they got me into a scan right away and before the scan,  Kayleigh prayed so beautifully... I was bawling my eyes out from the diabetes appointment to the scan... Just a rough  time with appointments left right and centre and feeling pressured."...

You guys must've been praying a lot. I had really weird appointments (3) this morning. Only positive feedback. "Baby is moving so well".. . "Baby is head down and not too large"... And "no,  we don't need to put you on insulin"... " you have an admirable history on birthing big babies and fast deliveries"

I couldn't believe that this was the same clinic(s) that I had been going to for months"...

Then after all of this good stuff...
..."Had a little bit of a fright today when I couldn't get the baby to move for 5h. After trying everything possible, I called the triage and they called me in to the  hospital. They strapped me in and noticed that the baby heart rate was a bit high,  but soon enough it settled down and the baby moved a lot. We've spent our whole Friday evening at the hospital but are home now. The kids are 4hours past their bed time... In bed finally. Hoping and praying for no more scares and worries please"...

 With you in spirit!

38-39 WEEKS (my pregnancy notes)

A lot of braxton hicks, some of them quite intense, which keeps me guessing. I feel like I've been birthing for a week! I'll be surprised if this pregnancy goes past 40 weeks. Truly.

Blood sugars have gone down to normal,  even in the mornings, the Dr. decided not to put me on insulin... Good. I seriously don't think I have it,  because I still eat what I want, when I want, and my levels are spot on.

I hope this baby comes early.The braxton hicks are getting so intense, I don't know whether they are the real thing...ugh! This is my 4th, shouldn't I know what's what by now? So frustrating....

My folks will be visiting soon, interesting to know which parent will be present when baby arrives...

Suffering a cold... Ugh. Giving birth while sick?!

 We got to go for a Sauna at a Finnish friend's house. He built this sauna and stove himself. Sauna's are standard in every house and flat unit in Finland, I miss it a lot. And boy it was nice.

 Having a hard time getting out of bed. I turn sides each night at least 20 times, and it sometimes causes muscle cramps on the sides of my stomach, and they hurt a lot! My hubby sometimes has to turn me around, and it makes me feel like whale blubber.

My belly button is out!!!

 Fetal monitoring... which after 2 visits, I found out these were unnecessary appointments. Only women on insulin were required to go. Another unnecessary stress on my schedule.

 I'm ready to give birth. Trying to loosen things by sitting on my ball... 

Soul food. Korean hot pot. Mmmm....

lauantai 4. lokakuuta 2014

35 Weeks

Breech. The baby is breech. I have tried several ways to turn this baby around,  secular ways,  but in my heart of hearts I know that God has ultimate control, and I am placing my trust in Him. I can't say it has been easy to surrender my fears,  but what can I do? Nothing...  I have no choice but to trust Him,  great is His love and goodness for my life and the life of this baby. He knows my desires and wishes,  but I know He is all knowing and seeing and if he wanted to,  He could turn this baby in a second.
I have tried to lie down on an recline position. I have tried moxibustion. 
I have seen and continue to see a chiro...  ($$$!!!),  I have done summersaults under water,  a.k.a. Swimming. I've used heat and ice packs, 

 music,  light... I have prayed. This baby won't budge. 

I pray,  Lord if it is by at all possible for this baby to turn, being safe and all, please allow it. If turning the baby externally (ECV), delivering breech, or c- section is the safest way for us,  give me the peace and trust to go ahead with it. However,  You are all knowing,  You know what is going on...  I surrender. I rebuke satan and his schemes, his temptation to worry me and place fear in my heart,  for You love me,  this baby and everything works for the good! Help me persevere, help me stay calm and joyous throughout these last weeks of pregnancy.
I praise you,  Oh God! 

 My very own pumpkin!

 I still swear by the foam curlers. Super comfy to sleep in!

 I took my Chinese language teacher to my favourite restaurant. She loved it too!!! Hot Pot fan forever!!!

 Went and bought a few different kinds of dried dates. I soaked them over night, pureed them and used them in Raw Bars. There's only so many days I can eat plain dates... needs to be more exciting, you know.
 I bought a box of HoneyCrisp Apples... Made a zillion chips next to nothing.


Been tired of cooking... lots of salads and cold cuts these days. Easy peasy throw together kind of food. Above, whole wheat sandwich, cinnamon apples and a kale salad.

 35 weeks, hello!!!

34 Weeks

I just did my big payday grocery shopping for the week-2😅 Whew! Now,  I'm going to get out of bed and tackle the day. Thank God for home delivery! I mean really,  someone shops for me,  and on promotion days like today,  free delivery!! Ihan parasta! Beats 3h of grocery shopping 3 to 4 shops with 3 mental kids by the end of it. I know I won't get the best deals (I like to hunt for them) but it's done! Now,  I'm going to brush my teeth! Good morning everybody!! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Measuring my glucose levels every other day. Everything is fine, totally diet controlled. I still enjoy my treats and my levels are normal. In some ways,  it's interesting to monitor the levels,  because for sure, too many people eat before their bodies need it and eventually it will catch up with them in a bad way. 

Hospital bag is pretty much packed. Here is my list. 

Personal supplies
Pregnancy file folder
Tiger balm
Lactation cookies
Greens + and shaker
Pyjamas 1
Pyjamas 2
Nursing shirt to go home in
Trousers to go home in
6 pairs of undies
Soap container dish
Brush,  shampoo and conditioner
Toothpaste and brush
Breastfeeding pads
Belly bandit
Nursing bra
Paper and pen
Small cooler for placenta
Sanitary pads,  maxi
Water bottles,  Gatorade
Raw honey
Dark brew

Tablet,  phones,  chargers
Bible,  Christ centered childbirth book
Melodious music
Bed linen/
Change of clothes
Protein bars, 
bananas, yogurt, 
Foods, snacks etc in a cooler
Celebration beer!
Swim pants just in case,  birthing pool etc

Baby stuff
Sleep wear,  pyjamas, hats
Receiving blankets and
Car seat
Diapers,  wipes

I know,  pretty crazy,  but I like to be prepared, even if we don't get to use half of the stuff. The dark brew is for lactation, obviously!

My mom sent me some muslin baby clothes a.k.a "harsot" ,  which are way better than receiving blankets,  spit up cloths. They are thin, absorbant. 

A midwife /nurse asked me to consider a home birth. To me,  a home birth is a no - no. I have weighed up the options and I have complete peace with my decision to have hospital births. Hats off to those who choose a home birth,  just as well as hats off to those who don't. You do what is best for you and your baby,  don't feel pressured by it. I just hope I make it to one of the places! I don't know what to expect!? 


A sample of what I eat. This is on the go, parked my car to have dinner, in the midst of nursing bra shopping. Taco mince meat, baked sweet potato and cauliflower mash. "hunger is the best spice!" - M.L

perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

32 and 33 Weeks

I took the time to get my feet done! Finally, I bought my own "tools" to do it myself, but then I realized that it wasn't possible anymore. There's this bump between me and my feet!? I made this also a sweet bonding time for my daughter and I, she also enjoyed a mini mani and pedi :)

We bought baby clothes for the hospital, neutral ones, for fun really! We still don't know which one we're having so the colours are yellow and cream. I have a feeling it is a boy, but then it must be a girl, right? We'll see....

I've used Evernote app to plan out my hospital bag. Wonderful, checking everything off as I go. A week or so, the bag will be set to go. Just waiting for the baby to get ready.

I got the results back from the sugar test. POSITIVE!!!???? I am officially gestational diabetic, which I think is nonsense. I drank a lot of sugar during that test and my results were point 1 above the limit. My body obviously wasn't used to the sugar and was like "whoooah?!" Now, I got the gadgets and the sets and I am testing my sugar levels 4 times a day. And my levels just happen to be NORMAL. Will talk to the Dr. at my next appointment and show my results, that I am OK! I mean, I had a chocolate feast last night and my levels and ketones were spot on. I'll keep you posted.

Dreaming about the birth, waiting so patiently. Wondering how will it go...  Praying for the best, trusting the Lord. I’ve been inhaling the CCC book as much as I can. Meditating on the verses and just picturing how the birth might go. I know that anything can happen, and I don't want to plan out too much, it's all in God's hands.

I got a "push present" from hubby,  -a tablet! Now my zillion appointments won't be so overwhelming, and I can plan out the schedules and meals and just browse during my waits!

 This is what my waits usually look like, and yes, the coffee helps.

I baked lactation chocolate chip cookies. Two kinds, regular and banana dried plum, cranberry and chocolate chip ones. Smelled like I was baking with beer, but the taste is great! I'm freezing them for the hospital. And bummer, forgot to take pictures! They just look like chocolate chip cookies but a lot darker.

I'm also eating dates and prunes. This is why
Eat Date Fruit!
Yes, and this one has a recent study behind it. According to this study on ‘the effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on labour and delivery’:
“We set out to investigate the effect of date fruit (phoenix dactylifera) consumption on labour parameters and delivery outcomes… 69 women consumed six date fruits per day for 4 weeks prior to their estimated date of delivery, compared with 45 women who consumed none… The women who consumed date fruit:
  • Had significantly higher mean cervical dilatation upon admission compared with the non-date fruit consumers (3.52 cm vs 2.02 cm, p < 0.0005)
  • Had a significantly higher proportion of intact membranes (83% vs 60%, p = 0.007).
  • Spontaneous labour occurred in 96% of those who consumed dates, compared with 79% women in the non-date fruit consumers (p = 0.024).
  • Use of prostin/oxytocin (for inducing/augmenting labour) was significantly lower in women who consumed dates (28%), compared with the non-date fruit consumers (47%) (p = 0.036).
  • The mean latent phase of the first stage of labour was shorter in women who consumed date fruit compared with the non-date fruit consumers (510 min vs 906 min, p = 0.044).
It is concluded that the consumption of date fruit in the last 4 weeks before labour significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labour, and produced a more favourable, but non-significant, delivery outcome. The results warrant a randomised controlled trial."

I'm doing well, despite lower back, pelvis and hip ache. Saw my osteopath but unfortunately this time around it didn't work as well as I would've hoped for. Stretching with hubby at nights has already helped a lot. 

It seems to become a tradition that my very sweet, sweet, friend from Finland, helps me prepare for birth by sending me this oil,


I think that this oil has a lot to do with the fact that I can have big babies (10lb-11lb/4.3-5kg) without tearing. Really.

I found these two really yummy recipes while I waited for my son to finish up his appointment with the orthodontist, - I still want to share them with you!

We bought a new car seat, even though we have 3 perfectly fine infant seats in the garage, that have nothing wrong with them, they've never been in an accident and look spanking new. However, these car seats are doomed to go to the dump. The law in Canada is s.t.u.p.i.d about car seats. I don't even want to go into details with their "monopoly", but all I will say, it's silly. And I'm putting that nicely.

Loving my new foam rollers, I can sleep in them with comfort! Now my selfie looks even better with some locks.

Sept 9th was our last scan, baby was the "wrong"  way around,  the scan picture was the cutest.. 


Isn't she/he cute?! Sweet little baby, I LOVE YOU!!!!! I cannot wait to meet you!!!! You have your daddy's chin!